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The Supermarket Gourmet

I know my fans expect big things from me. In these past few years, I have tackled the big issues in the culinary world. But who would ever believe I could get this scoop. So many times, I have heard the words “never happen.” My editor told me I would be better off teaching you how to cook a unicorn, which is now on sale at your local grocery store. But, I did it. I got Stew and Soup to put their differences behind them and do their first interview together. Enjoy!


Supermarket Gourmet: First of all, let me thank you both for this time.


Stew: As long as he can be civil.


Soup: I can be cool. I am usually a hot dish, but I can be cool.


Supermarket Gourmet: Considering how closely related you are, why don’t you get along better?


Stew: Clearly, I came first, and during my time we had respect for elders.


Soup: Let’s face it you are old hat.


Supermarket Gourmet: For two dishes that have so much in common, why concentrate on the differences?


Soup: Maybe we are just two dishes that are nothing more than a set of ingredients, cooked and served in liquid. But it is our differences that make me great.


Stew: There is a certain consistency to stews that people find comforting.


Soup: I have that comforting thing going for me as well, but I can also bring a greater variety to the table. I am young; I am happening.


Supermarket Gourmet: What is your greatest benefit?


Stew: I nourish the body and feed the soul. Stew is always the same: meat, seafood, or chicken, cooked with vegetables with a thickened broth. But, I can also be versatile by being served on rice, noodles, or potatoes.


Soup: I heal you when you are sick and raise your spirits when you are weary. I can be thin as a supermodel or thick as a mother’s love. I can be served piping hot or glacier cold. You can start your meal with a cup or enjoy a meal as a bowl, or even make it as a finish for dessert.


Supermarket Gourmet: What about chili?


Soup: Is he here? I am leaving if HE shows up.


Stew: We do agree that chili is not a stew….


Soup: …. or a soup. It is like comparing elephants to zebras. Sure, it is a good dish and everyone loves it, but really no skill to making it.


Stew: It demeans us all.


Supermarket Gourmet: What can we appreciate about you both?


Stew: Well, we both celebrate the marriage of different ingredients coming together.


Soup: Sometimes it is a simple combination, and sometimes it is an excess of ingredients.


Stew: But, it always seems to work out.


Supermarket Gourmet: Any final thoughts?


Soup: If you are in hurry and want something satisfying, throw together a soup. It’s good food.


Stew: If you have the time, but a limited amount of energy, make something amazing: stew. It is what people come home for.

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