McKenzi Forrest, Rocky Ridge 4-H Reporter

Rocky Ridge Progressive 4-H Club is always extremely active, and March and April were no exception.

We had our annual Sandwich Sale fundraiser, where we made over 2,000 sandwiches. Even with so many sandwiches to make, our club showed awesome teamwork and really had a good time making them. Thank you to all of our continued supporters for making our fundraiser so successful.

Our Community Service projects consisted of making St. Patrick’s Day notes for all of the residents at St. Catherine’s in Emmitsburg, as well as collecting supplies for the Thurmont Grange. We had several club members challenge their knowledge by participating in a Skill-A-Thon; they did a great job and look forward to more opportunities to broaden their knowledge.  

Kudos to the Rocky Ridge Progressive 4-H for serving our community so well—keep up all the hard work! Also, good luck to everyone participating in the Will’s Fair at Howard County Fairgrounds in May.

The Rocky Ridge Progressive 4-H Club collects supplies for the Thurmont Grange.

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