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If you are a Maryland resident receiving power from Potomac Edison, you should request a Quick Home Energy Check (QHEC) to receive energy saving products that lead to cost savings on your energy and water bills as part of the EmPower Maryland Program.

In 2008, the State of Maryland mandated that all power companies reduce residential energy consumption by 20 percent. To help achieve this objective, Certified Home Energy Professionals will conduct “home energy checks” of residential buildings in the Potomac Edison Maryland service area.

Your Quick Home Energy Check (QHEC) will be completed by Emmitsburg native and retired FEMA/NETC facility manager, Perry Joy.

By submitting a request on, you may request a QHEC at your home. Perry will visit you in your home, and he will follow COVID-19 sanitization and prevention protocol during his visit.

During your QHEC, and only with your permission, Perry will install energy-saving LED bulbs that use less electricity (he can install up to 14 LED bulbs), install faucet aerators to reduce water consumption in your kitchen and bathroom, install efficient showerheads to reduce shower water usage, and install electric water heater pipe insulation and a surge protection power strip.

You are already paying for this service and the provided products in the EmPower MD line item on your Potomac Edison electric bill. There is no additional cost for the QHEC or the products. It’s time to save money on your energy consumption. Schedule your QHEC on the website.

Please note, this program has nothing to do with any solicitation whatsoever. There are no phone calls or requests to change energy providers. This service is only available to Potomac Edison customers in Maryland.

To summarize:

(1) All Maryland Potomac Edison residential customers are eligible for one QHEC.

(2) To schedule a QHEC, the eligible customer must submit a request online at

(3) Perry will reach out to you via email or telephone (at your request) to schedule a date and time to visit.

(4) The QHEC is already paid with your monthly Potomac Edison bill, under the “EmPower MD Surcharge” line item. There is no additional cost.

(5) Mention that you saw this in The Catoctin Banner.

(6) Result: You’re helping to reduce energy and lower your monthly electric and water bill.

This process may be utilized as a non-profit fundraiser. A $50 friend and family referral fee will be paid to participating charities to raise money for your group (scouts, senior citizen groups, dance groups, 4-H, sports organizations). There is nothing to sell, and you make money for your organization. It’s a win-win!

Please indicate the charity of your choice during your QHEC scheduling at Regardless, please indicate that you saw it here in The Catoctin Banner in the referral field, so we can track the effectiveness of this outreach.

Perry Joy is shown with some of the goodies he will use during QHEC appointments.

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