Blair Garrett

What got you guys initially started with getting into this business and what prompted the recent move?

Bruce (owner of Kelco) has worked in the plumbing industry for the past 41 years. The company that he was working with for all those years was dissolved, so with honesty and integrity we decided to venture out. The community that we grew up in and love has supported us to the point that we required a larger place to do business in. For that, we are very grateful!

What’s been the best part about the development and growth over the years for the business?

We have had the sincere pleasure of servicing the people that we have known all of our lives, and have met many new friends and business acquaintances along the way. Our reputation of a job well done and fair pricing has led us down a successful path. Most of the new work that we incur is from references and word of mouth. Venturing out with a new business is never easy; however, if you treat your customers fairly and provide excellent customer service, you’ll never fail! Having the ability to serve our community and meet our customers face to face around town without having any fear of a negative comment is a great feeling. We never have to be afraid of running into someone who was not satisfied with the service that we provided them with. That’s the BEST part of the business!

What’s your goal with each job for a customer?

When we decided to start Kelco Plumbing, we also decided to be the best that we could be. To us, providing the best possible service and not forgetting the minor details means the most to us. We’re always happy to see our customers, knowing that we were fair and honest with them. Our goal is to ensure that every customer is satisfied with our service and that we did the best job possible. No matter how small or large the job is, each one is as important as the other.

How long have you been in business now?

Hard to believe, it’s been almost seven years already. It’s very rewarding knowing that we’re providing a service to our community that they are obviously satisfied with.  

Any favorite parts of the job?

Bruce’s specialty is septic installation and repair, but each member of our team (Mike, Matt, and David) is extremely knowledgeable on all facets of plumbing. The favorite part of our job is meeting new people in the community and walking away knowing that the job was successfully completed.

How exciting was it to have friends and family support you guys in the move, and even have the Thurmont Mayor there to support the company during the ribbon-cutting?  

We are truly blessed to have the loving support from family and friends that we do.

The Mayor and Commissioners warmly welcomed us to Thurmont, and we would like to thank each and every individual that took the time to support and encourage us at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. There is nothing like small town living…this is where our hearts are! Thank you, everyone, especially our loyal customers who have made this all possible.

We would also like to welcome our two new employees: Bill Boyd, Jr. and Steve Wolfe.

Kelco Plumbing is located at 9 Woodside Avenue in Thurmont.

In April, a ribbon-cutting was held for the opening of the business location in Thurmont.

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