by James Rada, Jr.

January 1922, 100 Years Ago

Amrs Broken

Last Friday Leslie W. Fox, of Rocky Ridge, sustained a compound fracture of the left forearm, a broken bone in the left hand, right forearm broken, right hand badly bruised and contusions on both legs. He was in the employ of the Emmitsburg R. R. Co., and was helping to load a barrel of molasses on the Emmitsburg car. The plank slipped from the floor of the car throwing Mr. Fox to the ground and the barrel on top of him. He said, “I landed flat on my back and saw the barrel coming for my head and threw up both hands. It struck on my stomach and my hands under it and from there it rolled down my legs and off my feet.”

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, January 9, 1922

Annan Residence of Emmitsburg Destroyed By Fire

“Craggystone” the beautiful residence of Mr. Isaac M. Annan, at upper West Main street, with the exception of the four stone walls, was completely destroyed by fire on Wednesday morning.

Smoke and flames were noticed coming from the roof by some of the help around the Annan place and immediately a hurried call was put in for the fire company. The women help around the Hotel Slagle rushed one of the fire reels that has been stationed in the Hotel garage to the scene of the fire but before the firemen could get the hose in order the flames had made considerable headway. It was not long before the entire population of the community was on hand to give assistance and some good work was done in saving some of the furniture and household goods especially on the first floor. The fire had eaten in too far on the second and third floors to save little or anything.

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, January 26, 1922

January 1947, 75 Years Ago

At Tractor School

Frank Long, Thurmont and Arthur Graham, Walkersville, will today enter the four-day, tractor maintenance school held annually at College Park. The two Frederick County 4-H Club youths were selected for the intensive training on upkeep of vital farm machinery because of outstanding interests displayed by them in this field. Skilled mechanics of an oil company will conduct the training of 4-H County leaders, assisted by instructors from the University of Maryland Extension service.

                                          – Frederick Post, January 23, 1947

To Install Meters

Installation of parking meters in Thurmont has been authorized by the town board, Mayor Omer J. Dubel announced. Approximately 75 meters will be ordered and will be installed within 10 days in all four directions from the square. The move was taken by the board to relieve parking conditions. The meters are similar to those ordered for Brunswick and there will be no cash outlay for them. They are installed on a pay-as-you-go basis on nine-months’ trial.

                                          – Frederick News, January 20, 1947

January 1972, 50 Years Ago

Early Mail Pickup Stops In Square

Effective Saturday, January 8, 1972, the early morning pick-up of mail from the collection box on the Square in Emmitsburg, will be discontinued.

This service was initiated many years ago, when the Post Office Department used Railway and Highway Post Office conveyances, and therefore many dispatches were made during the day and night.

With reorganization, the new United States Postal Service discontinued the Highway Post Offices and also many Railway Post Offices, reduced the number of dispatches per day, uses faster transportation between Sectional Centers and uses better mail processing techniques.

                                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, January 6, 1972

Carroll Newcomer First Native In Town To Receive Boy Scout Eagle Award

Carroll E. “Skip” Newcomer, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll E. Newcomer, North Seton Avenue, will be presented with the Eagle Scout Award on Sunday, January 16. Skip is the first Emmitsburg native from Troop 284 ever to receive this distinction.

                                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, January 13, 1972

January 1997, 25 Years Ago

Floodproofing Plan to be Presented at Town Meeting

The Town Council will hear a report of the county’s floodproofing protection plan for Emmitsburg at the town meeting on Monday, January 6 at 7:30 p.m., at the town office.

Alan Hudak, bureau chief of Frederick County’s highways and transportation, will discuss proposed county recommendations to help protect the Emmitsburg area from floodwaters. The floodproofing plan comes after severe flooding occurred in the area in June and a task force was formed to look at ways to avoid future problems.

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, January 1997

No Plastic in Our Town!

This season the lovely traditional decorations appeared again as if by magic on the lamp posts along Main Street, complimenting the charm of Emmitsburg. In their usual efficient manner the annual gathering of the “Christmas Elves,” under the admonition—“There shall be no plastic in our town”—made quick work of assembling the swags of evergreens and bright red bows. Bless them all…every one.

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, January 1997

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