by James Rada, Jr.

September 1921, 100 Years Ago

Thurmont Wins Pennant

Well, fellows, it’s all over. The pennant race has closed and Thurmont is on top. The last game was played Monday at Middletown and the terrific slugging and excellent field by the Thurmont team brought home the “li’l old rag.”

The boys were in fine form and played a brilliant game. While no hair-raising plays were made, yet the playing was of the kind that demanded and held the interest of the many loyal Thurmont rooters.

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, September 8, 1921

New State Road

Monday, the road leading from Lewistown to Creagerstown, which had been under construction for some time was thrown open to the public. The road is 4.88 miles long and is built of concrete.

The dirt shoulders on each side of the road have not been completed and work is still progressing on them but vehicles can now travel on the concrete portion of the highway.

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, September 29, 1921

September 1946, 75 Years Ago

Dr. Cullen Quits Post As Head of State Sanitoria

Dr. Victor Francis Cullen, director of the state sanitoria for the tubercular, announced today his resignation effective next Jan. 1, exactly 39 years after he accepted the post.

The announcement was made by Dr. H. Warren Buckler, head of the Maryland Sanatorium Commission.

Dr. Cullen became superintendent of Sabillasville in 1908, when it was the only hospital of its kind in the state.

                                          – Hagerstown Morning Herald, September 7, 1946

Historic Mount Saint Mary’s College Has Largest Enrollment In Its History

Mount St. Mary’s college began its 139th year on Tuesday with the largest enrollment in its history.

A total of 597 students now attending classes at the famous institution has filled every room in its native stone buildings to capacity and has arranged for lodging some 40 of its men in private homes in Emmitsburg.

                                          – Gettysburg Times, September 20, 1946

September 1971, 50 Years Ago

Harry Hays Named Science Advisor

Dr. Harry Hays, brother of Mayor Samuel Hays of Emmitsburg, a U.S. Department of Agriculture expert on pesticides, has been named Science Advisor to Dr. George Irving, Jr., Administrator of the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service.

                                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, September 2, 1971

Mount Has Success With Military Men

The Military Degree Completion Program at Mount Saint Mary’s College began its third semester this month and Academic Dean Bernard S. Kaliss finds its success and popularity most encouraging.

Dean Kaliss, who along with Registrar Guy A. Baker, Jr., founded the program in the spring of 1970, reports that when the program began it had only one participant. There are currently 35 men enrolled in it.

                                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, September 23, 1971

September 1996, 25 Years Ago

Streets and Transportation Committee to Discuss Removal of Parking Meters

Emmitsburg’s Streets and Transportation Committee, a town organization made up of five residents and Streets Commissioners Rosario Benvengi, discussed a variety of issues at their August meeting. The committee considers topics related to Emmitsburg’s walkways and roadways, then makes recommendations to the Town Council.

Commissioner Benvengi made a suggestion to remove the parking meters downtown and asked the committee to give it some thought.

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, September 1996

Park Improvements Continue

According to Parks Commissioner Clifford Sweeney, facilities at Memorial Park will continue to be improved. A new dugout will be started this year and completed in time for next season’s opening games. “We are glad the children are using the new fields and happy that we can help the Little League organization,” said Sweeney.

Work on Phase One of Community Park is in full swing. Pavilions and picnic areas are scheduled to be finished by the end of September. The volleyball court should be completed about the same time.

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, September 1996

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