by James Rada, Jr.

July 1921, 100 Years Ago

Sheep Poisoned

Fourteen sheep belonging to Mr. L. R. Waesche sealed their doom when they strayed from their usual grazing land to the roadbed of the H. & F. electric line on Friday of last week. On Thursday the road had been given a treatment of poison to kill the weeds.

The sheep were seen coming upon the track by Mr. Portner, who is employed on the farm by Mr. Waesche. Within not more than five minutes they were driven back into the field, but they evidently had all the time that was necessary, and the fourteen sheep are dead.

Mr. Waesche lost also by death last week two hogs. This, he thinks, was due to too much dry feed.

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, July 14, 1921

Bitten by Spider

Mr. Grayson Shaffer had the unusual experience on Tuesday of being bitten by a spider. He had just put on his coat when he felt a sharp pain, similar to that of a bee sting, on his neck. On investigation he found a medium sized spider between his collar and neck, and a swelling half an inch in diameter with a central puncture about the size of a pin head. An application of iodine relieved the distress.

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, July 28, 1921

July 1946, 75 Years Ago

Bunt Gives Thurmont Victory Over Hanover

Shortstop Duncan bunted on the third strike, to sacrifice in Thurmont’s winning run Sunday, 4-2 over Hanover, in the Penn-Maryland League baseball feature at Thurmont. The daring strategy was pulled in the third inning with home club runners on third and second base. Duncan also pulled the most spectacular fielding play of the stanza with an acrobatic stop and assist from behind the pitcher, in the fourth stanza to stop a Hanover rally.

                                          – The Frederick Post, July 15, 1946

Thurmont To Be Host To Co. Fireman Assn.

Highlighted by the annual convention of the Frederick County Firemen’s Association on Thursday and Friday, the Guardian Host Company’s annual carnival at Thurmont next week Monday through Saturday, bids fair to be the largest yet held in the north county town. The Guardian Host Company is this year’s host to the county convention.

                                          – The Frederick Post, July 27, 1946

July 1971, 50 Years Ago

Town Loses Court

Effective July 1, the Emmitsburg Magistrate Court was eliminated. In the future, the Emmitsburg District will be served by a District Judge located in Thurmont. Other District Judges are located in Frederick.

Mayor Hays said that the change has been a disservice to the Emmitsburg District. Hays said that Judge Guy Baker has done an excellent job in the past and has been considered as having very good judgement and common sense.

                                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, July 9, 1971

Teen Center Opens in New Location

The Emmitsburg Teen Center moved last Saturday night into a new location at the Emmitsburg Public School, and opening night proved to be a great success. Between 40 and 45 area teenagers enjoyed an evening of quiet recreation. Of special interest was the new pool table that was broken-in by being used continuously until closing.

                                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, July 22, 1971

July 1996, 25 Years Ago

June 19, 1996 — What a Night!

That night about eleven o’clock I wakened to hear on the monitor that Gettysburg had had four inches of rain in two hours! The Adams County dispatcher reported that people were stranded in cars on many major streets in the town. Many streams and creeks converge on Gettysburg–Middle Creek, March Creek, Rock Creek, Conowingo Creek. There was heavy rain, thunder and lightning.

Within an hour reports started to come in from Emmitsburg. There was an entrapment at Flat Run on North Seton Avenue; another on Flat Run at the end of De Paul Street. Also several mobile homes had to be evacuated. Trooper 3, the State Police Helicopter, flew in the rain, dodging.

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, July 1996

Reading Center Introduces New Project

The Marguerite Naseau Literacy Center at Villa St. Michael’s is starting a new project–using computer software to help rehabilitate stroke victims or persons with some brain trauma. It is also very valuable as an Awareness Program to help people keep their minds alert.

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, July 1996

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