by James Rada, Jr

August 1920, 100 Years Ago

Famous Men In Fruit World Will Visit Nearby Orchards

A party of nationally known fruit and orcharding authorities are now on an automobile tour that will carry them thru the great orchard districts of our state.

The object of the tour is to become acquainted with the men responsible for the magnificent orchards that are one of the glories of this and adjoining counties and to see with their own eyes the orchards that are the pride of their owners.

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, August 5, 1920

Another Freight Wreck

The Western Maryland railroad wreck crews and section men were kept busy Wednesday of this week clearing up a wreck that occurred about one mile east of Graceham at a point where the Graceham-Rocky Ridge public road crosses the railroad.

The wreck occurred soon after seven o’clock, and was caused by the heating and breaking of a wheel on the front truck of the thirteenth car of a train of forty, all loaded with soft coal. After the wheel broke, the truck left the rail and ran about 700 feet before the final crash came. Fourteen cars were derailed, smashed and twisted into junk, just west of the crossing, and coal blocked the public road. For a considerable distance, nothing but ballast remained, the ties and rails being broken and shoved along under the cars. It was estimated that 300 new ties and 16 rails would be needed to replace the track.

                                          – Catoctin Clarion, August 12, 1920

August 1945, 75 Years Ago

Emmitsburg Grange and Women’s Club Will Sponsor Community Show In Fall

Emmitsburg housewives will have an opportunity to display their choicest home canned and fresh fruits and vegetables, garden flowers, pies, rolls, and cakes at a Community Show to be sponsored jointly by the Emmitsburg Grange and the Women’s club the first week in October at the American Legion hall.

Those fortunate enough to have the most beautiful and tempting foods and flowers according to the judges, will be awarded a share of the $200 offered as prizes.

                                          – The Gettysburg Times, August 2, 1945

Break Ground For High School in Emmitsburg

On Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock, ground was blessed and broken for the new St. Joseph’s high school at Emmitsburg. The ground is located next to St. Joseph’s rectory on Green street. The Rev. Francis J. Dodd, C.M., director of the Community of the Daughters of Charity and president of St. Joseph’s College, blessed the ground. Sister Isabelle Toohey, sister visitatrix of the province, broke the ground. The provincial treasurer, Sister Mary Loretta, turned the second spade full.

                                          – The Gettysburg Times, August 2, 1945

August 1970, 50 Years Ago

Request Action For Relief From Floods

Twenty Emmitsburg citizens appeared at the meeting of the Burgess and Commissioners August 3 to support a petition for immediate relief from flooding conditions.

The formal petition complains that during recent storms, many Emmitsburg houses, especially in Emmit Gardens and along DePaul St., experienced severe flooding and backing up sewers.

Emmitsburg’s officials agreed with the citizens and said corrective action has been started.                                     

                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, August 14, 1970

Husband of Former Local Woman Found Dead From Gunshot

David R. Gebhart, 27, Gettysburg R5, husband of Sarah Springer Gebhart, formerly of Emmitsburg, suffered a fatal gunshot wound at 2:25 a.m. Sunday while seated in his car on S. Franklin St., Gettysburg, just south of the W. High St. corner. Dr. Robert S. Lefever, deputy county coroner, said Gebhart’s death was instantaneous from a shotgun wound of the neck and a compound fracture of cervical vertebrae.

According to police, Gebhart’s body was found slumped in his 1965 Chevrolet coupe by a passerby shortly after a loud “explosion noise” like a gunshot was heard in the neighborhood.

At 1 o’clock Sunday morning, police said they had been called to the front of the Dorsey Stanton American Legion Post home, W. High St., where Gebhart has been involved in a fracas.

According to police, Gebhart was shot in the left side of the neck, apparently by an assailant who aimed a weapon through the victim’s open car window on the driver’s side of the car. The shot was fired at close range, police said.

Two Gettysburg men were committed to the county prison by borough police Tuesday evening, and a third was committed Wednesday morning in connection with the shotgun slaying.

                          – Emmitsburg Chronicle, August 14, 1970

August 1995, 25 Years Ago

Babes In Arms…

Karl and Katie Lorenz of Carroll Valley, with more than a loving armful of triplets, issued a call for help. They appealed for “extra hands” in the St. Anthony Parish church bulletin, and ten volunteer “rockers” now share time to hold, feed, and rock the children. Volunteers have come from Emmitsburg, Thurmont, and Gettysburg. “People have been so nice,” Katie said.

          The boys Kieran and Nicholas weighed 4 pounds and 15 ounces at birth. Maria weighed only 2 pounds and 13 ounces. Maria required some developmental time in the hospital, and now she is home with her brothers.

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, August 1995

Rosensteel Wedding Photo Wins Award

Local photographer Bob Rosensteel won an Award of Merit for a wedding photograph during the Annual International Competition held by the Wedding and Portrait Photographer International in Los Angeles recently.

“It’s nice to be able to say your work is among the best – awful nice,” said Rosensteel.

“To have your photograph hung in the convention gallery, the photograph must be awarded a score of over 70 points,” said Rosensteel. Scoring depends upon a myriad of small details other than exposure: background, balance, finish, even the title is important. This year it took 9 ½ hours to judge the entries. “The control judge was Monte Zucker, an internationally renowned wedding photographer who is one of the best…if not the best,” said Rosensteel.

                          – The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch, August 1995

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