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Children’s books provide immeasurable value to the development of ideas, morals, and creativity for a child’s growing mind.

Stories are the keys to unlock the imagination of a child, and they’re a great gift for a parent to be able to share.

Rocky Ridge-based author Fabiola Miller has published a children’s story of her very own, hoping to give that gift to as many children as possible.

Miller’s book, Playful Princess Panda, tells a story about a princess who rules over a kingdom and her evil sister’s jealous attempts to ruin the kingdom.

The book was originally derived from years of reading stories to her son to help him sleep. “When he was young, he used to have a hard time sleeping, so I used to read him bedtime stories,” Miller said. “When I ran out of bedtime stories that I knew, I started coming up with new bedtime stories.” Coming up with her own stories on the spot developed into lessons and teachings. “I decided to tell him stories that had a little bit more value,” she said.

Her son used to tell other relatives about the bedtime story, and Miller relayed that same story to her niece over and over.

“She would ask me to repeat the story, and after having to recall it so many times, I was inspired to write it on paper.”

Putting it to paper got the gears turning for Miller’s book, and it eventually led to its publication. “It was always in the back of my head, until one day when I could visualize the characters, their message, and how it needed to be told.” Miller’s revelation brought the book to life. Through the colorful illustrations and thoughtful dialogue between characters, the story was told.   

Miller’s Boston Terriers displayed a lot of different personalities throughout her son’s life, and those traits are on full display in the Playful Princess Panda.

The inspiration for the art and characters of the story has deep roots to her son’s childhood, and it was intended to help him connect better with the message of the book. “The characters are based on dogs we’ve had in the past,” Miller said. “Their personalities come off in the book.”

Though the use of familiar characters throughout her son’s life helps him relate to the book, the themes and message are meaningful for all, young and old.

“The book is meant to teach children the importance of kindness and thoughtfulness,” Miller said. “It’s about their attitude toward others and how it impacts them.”

The importance of kindness is often placed on children, but the lesson is transcendent for people of all ages, and in trying times like these, kindness from person to person is more needed than ever.

Instilling those positive values at a young age is the goal for Miller, and through personalized illustrations and unique storytelling, she is well on her way to achieving that goal. “I like to write books that could help children build character,” Miller said. Her immediate plans don’t have more books in the works just quite yet, but it’s a future goal down the line, and Miller always has more stories to tell.  

Miller’s book is available online in paperback and for digital download.

Playful Princess Panda features hand drawn illustrations and valuable positive themes.

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