What a great “Learning Lunch” for the fourth and fifth grade girls at Lewistown Elementary School on January 11, 2017. Guidance Counselor  Greta Nettleton sets up different learning  lunches for students throughout the year. Priya Tandon from Oakdale High and Jordan Bramhall from Middletown High, both winners of the Distinguished Young Women of Frederick County Scholarship Program, presented a lesson on RESPECT for self and others. A tube of toothpaste was used to represent words and actions that you can’t take back once they are let out. Joanna Genemens is seen (above) trying to get the “words and actions” back into the tube.

In addition to speaking to elementary school children, Jordan and Priya have done multiple talks to middle school kids about the importance of staying in school, what a transcript looks like, what to expect in high school, as well as how to prepare for college and life after college. It is all part of the Distinguished Young Women Scholarship Program, which is a national scholarship program that rewards high school juniors and seniors who exhibit excellence in academics, leadership and talent.


Pictured from left are Priya Tandon, Oakdale High; Joanna Genemans, Lewistown Elementary; and Jordan Bramhall, Middletown High

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