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The members of the Lewistown District Volunteer Fire Department held their annual banquet at their station in Lewistown on Saturday, February 2, 2019. The welcome was given by the outgoing president, Scott Martin. Chief Wayne Wachter reviewed company stats, indicating the total number of calls in 2018 was 755 consisting of 586 EMS calls and 169 fire calls. The busiest month was June with 71 calls.

Members of Boy Scout Troop 270 executed the Presentation of Colors and the National Anthem was sung by Catoctin High School students, Danielle Baker and Lily Gadra.

A memorial was held for three company members who passed away in 2018. They were Charles Michael, Flossie Layton, and Ruth Powell.

Scott Martin introduced 2019 Administrative Officers: Scott Stonesifer, President; Vicky Martin, Vice President; Karen Stull, Secretary; Mary Frances Bostian, Assistant Secretary; Vincent Schrader, Treasurer, Donald Martin, Assistant Treasurer; and Paul Stull, Steve Stull, Donald Stull, Sr., Mike Stull, Thomas Minnick, and Mike Fogle, Board of Directors; and Line Officers: Wayne Wachter, Jr., Chief; Vicky Martin, Deputy Chief; and Mike Stull, Assistant Chief.

The installation of officers was conducted by Dale Kline with the Frederick County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association.

Top Responders for 2018 were 10. Thomas Minnick (47 calls), 9. Brianna Wachter (67), 8. Frani Wachter (79 calls), 7. Mike Stull (85 calls), 6. Steve Stull (92 calls), 5. Stephanie Wachter and Donald Martin (129 calls), 4. Gerald Stull (149 calls), 3. Wayne Wachter (174 calls), 2. Beth Wachter (185 calls), 1. Vicky Martin (195 calls).

Lewistown Fire Police: Diana Bryant, Rodney Myers, Steve Stull, and Thomas Wachter were recognized.

A certificate was presented to Scott Martin for his service as President, Assistant Chief and Training Officer for 2018.

As chairman of the fundraising committee, Karen Stull presented her top ten fundraising, those earning the most LOSAP hours for fundraising: #10 Amber 141.5 hours, #9 Tyrell 146 hours, Amber and Tyrell got married in the firehouse in 2018, #8 Frani Wachter 176.5 hours, #7 Brianna Wachter 203 hours, #6 Vicky Martin 233 hours, #5 Stephanie Wachter 240 hours, #4 Wayne Wachter 288 hours, #3 Gerald Stull 304 hours, #2 Beth Wachter 309 hours, and #1 Steve Stull 355 hours.

Scott Martin shared, “We have a lot of pride in what you’re doing. This job is a true calling. We love doing what others can’t or won’t. The calling is impossible to explain to someone who is not in the Brotherhood. People most likely won’t thank us, and most of the time ignore us. We are the ones who wait for something bad to happen so we can go and fix it. The job is always changing. Training is the key. We don’t fight fires like we did years ago. It is not that fire changes, it’s the box it comes in. Buildings are built quickly and with less bulk, and that means they will fail quickly and faster.”

He presented Dedicated Service awards to several individuals for providing dedicated service to the department and the community with pride, honor, and distinction, and he stressed, “Not just this year but every year!” These awards were presented to Mary Frances Bostian, Beth Wachter, Donald Martin, Wayne Wachter, Wayne Stull, Delbert Stull, Mike Stull, Brianna Wachter and Stephanie Wachter.

Presidents Awards in recognition for hours of exemplary dedicated service were presented to Steve Stull and Karen Stull. Steve Stull is chair of the Fire Prevention committee, chair of Membership committee, the bingo caller, he runs calls, fire police, and helps with fundraising; Karen Stull is chair of the Fundraising Committee, is in the background putting in a lot of hours and makes sure food is at the ready for firefighters, even in the middle of the night.

The most emotionally touching part of the evening was when Scott Martin recognized Mike Stull for being inducted into the Frederick County Fire & Rescue Hall of Fame in 2018. Scott also acknowledged Mike’s moving into the position of Assistant Chief of Lewistown Fire Department and following in his father’s (Raymond Stull, Jr.) footsteps in these accomplishments. Scott gave Mike’s father’s Chief helmet shield for his own helmet.

Scott added, “In order to succeed in the fire service and in your own personal life in life, you have to take risks, you have to fail. You won’t be successful if you don’t do these two things. You have to have faith and take risks. What we couldn’t get to work here is working there. I spent 29 years in Frederick County Volunteer Fire Department. Though they are the best 29 years I can remember, it was time for me to move on.”

Scott gave some parting thoughts: continue to learn this job, it is always changing and if you let your guard down you will get hurt. Share your knowledge with others. Treat others how you would want them to treat one of your family members; get out the door quick or your fire will be my fire; always show a calm exterior no matter what you’re feeling on the inside, your demeanor can drive an incident in a positive or negative direction; don’t be afraid to ask questions or to ask for help, show up ready to do your job; take care of your crew; admit when you’re wrong or make a mistake and learn from it; different is not wrong it’s just different; and above all, love and enjoy your family for they are, your support system and they serve just as much as you do; life is better lived when you center it on what’s happening inside of you rather than what is happening around you; don’t think too much for you create a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place.

Members of the Guardian Hose Company served as the standby crew. Catering was by GT’s Catering.

Mike Stull, serving as assistant chief and on board of directors; Vicky Martin, serving as vice president and deputy chief; Wayne Wachter, serving as chief; Donald Martin, serving as assistant treasurer; Steven Stull, serving on board of directors; Mary Frances Bostian, serving as assistant secretary; Karen Stull, serving as secretary; Donald Stull, serving on board of directors; Mike Fogle, serving on board of directors; Vincent Schrader, serving as treasurer.

(above) Top Responders: Brianna Wachter (67 calls), Frani Wachter (79 calls), Mike Stull (85 calls), Steve Stull (92 calls), Stephanie Wachter (129 calls), Donald Martin (129 calls), Wayne Stull (149 calls), Wayne “Skeeter” Wachter (174 calls), Beth Wachter (185 calls), Vicky Martin (195 calls). Not pictured: Thomas Minnick (47 calls).

(above) President, Scott Martin, presents Mike Stull with his father’s helmet shield.

Photos by Deb Abraham Spalding

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