Blair Garrett

A brand-new patriotic mural greets thousands of cars a day just outside the heart of Emmitsburg. Right off Route 15, visitors and residents can see a bold and colorful American Flag waving in place painted on the street-side wall of Jubilee Foods.

Lorne Peters, of Jubilee Foods, attributed the mural to the men and women involved in pushing through this crisis. “It’s for the community, and it’s a dedication to my employees. My employees are on the front lines. They’ve been here seven days a week and worked straight through COVID since the day it started,” Peters said.  

Two old friends, Benn Zaricor, Atlanta, and Marty Mummert, Gettysburg, teamed up to put their creative talents to use to make Jubilee’s community tribute. The mural fit into Zaricor’s future plans, too. “My goal is to do a flag mural in every state,” he said. “I’m only up to three right now, so I’ve got 47 to go.”

Both Zaricor and Mummert are gifted artists, and their contribution to historic Emmitsburg will leave a lasting impact.

While the mural took just a few short days to finish, the mural is prominently and proudly facing Main Street so all can view it for many years to come.

Lorne Peters (left), Benn Zaricor (middle), and Marty Mummert (right) show off Jubilee’s brand-new patriotic community mural.

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