Pictured from left are: (first row, bottom) Christian Sartin, Marlayna Reaver, Makayla Evans, Quateara Adams, Ashley Villegas, Ke Mauri Oney, Aidyn Tomalewski, Michael Hill, Haven Miesner, Russelk Heatherly, Michael Mossburg, Kevin Hodge; (second row) Jamal Burnett, Ofc. Brian Cosgray, Ofc. Desiree Palmer, Ofc. Jeff Putman, Ofc. Margery Lee, Ofc. Sara Evans, Ofc. Daniel Gerand, Cpl. Tim Duhan, Cpl. Kyle Minnick, Ofc. McKenzie Divelbiss, Cpl. Christopher Warden, Ofc. Cody Linton; (third row) Patricia Taliaferro Chairwoman Fish with a Cop, Braiden Schofield, Clay White, Leland Bare, David Haynes, Ronnie White, Kaleb Wolfe, Tfc. Kyle Knowles, Elijah Cumby, Braden Dawson, Kegan Coleman, Julian Hackley, Earl Gamber Club President; (fourth row) Dfc. Sean Vanderwall, Cpl. Josh White, Sgt. Todd Hill, MT Dave Greenwood, Tfc. Josh Socks, MT Matthew Crouse, FSgt. Jim Egros,  Tfc. Jared Daniels, Sgt. Paul Schur, Tfc. Jonathan Deater, Cpl. Jacki Druktenis, and Ofc. Michael Eyler. Not pictured: Lt. Jon Holler, Harry Vineyard. 

The Optimist Club of Frederick held it’s 10th Annual Fish with a Cop program on Saturday June 1, 2019, at the Camp Airy pond in Thurmont. There were 24 boys and girls from across Frederick County that took part in the program. There were 25 officers from the Sheriff’s Department, Maryland State Police, Frederick City Police, Brunswick Police, Thurmont Police, and the Natural Resource Police who participated in the program this year.   

The officers picked up the children from their homes and transported them to the pond in the officers’ police cars. They were then given a Zebco combo rod and reel, along with tackle from the Optimist Club.

The officers worked with the kids on their fishing skills, along with forming a better relationship with law enforcement. When the fishing was done, the Optimist Club held a shore lunch for the children and officers, which included fresh fried trout, grilled hot dogs, and ice cream sundaes with all of the fixings. The officers then took the children back home. 

The following sponsors contributed to this program: Wegman’s, Weis, The Brotherhood of the Jungle Cock (for stocking the pond with trout), Camp Airy (for use of their pond) and their director Tim Olson for all of his assistance, and Frederick County elementary schools. A special thanks goes out to Dale Kramer Construction Company and Dustin Construction Company for their generous cash donations, which was a big help in purchasing the fishing equipment for the children. Because of these sponsors and police officers that volunteered their time, the children had a very memorable experience. 

The Optimist Club of Frederick hopes that in a small way this program connected the children in a positive way with law enforcement and with the great outdoors. Again, gratitude is extended to all who helped with this program.

For more information, contact Pat or Craig Taliaferro at 301-663-8116 or smbass47@aol.com.

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