chris-training-coordinatorChris Cogan (pictured right), son of Mr. and Mrs. John Cogan of Graceham, was bestowed with special recognition for twenty years of service to the City of Frisco, Texas, and its citizens, with a Proclamation of October 28, 2016, as “Chris Cogan Day.”

Chris is a graduate of Catoctin High School and, before his move, was a volunteer EMT with the Thurmont Ambulance Company.

The following paragraph is in Chris’ own words: “Many moons ago, I started a new journey. I made a huge leap of faith and moved half way around the country. Luckily, I did have some family here to make my move somewhat easier. However, it was still hard leaving family and friends behind. I told myself, ‘What is there to lose? I can always move back if it didn’t work out.’ Well, I hate to tell but I think y’all are stuck with me now. I am grateful for the many friends that I have made here that I consider family. It has been an adventure to say the least. Twenty years later, I still enjoy coming to work and working beside the best people around, even the hose draggers! Guess will throw out my flashback Friday picture of the day— celebrating Chris Cogan Day at Frisco Police Department.”

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