Jayden Myers

Transitioning from middle school into high school causes a whirlwind of anxiety during the first few weeks. You have to adjust to finding classes, meeting new people, and more. Although, schools do try to make such a big adjustment as smooth as possible for incoming freshmen. While it’s challenging for some, it may be easier for others. For me, the change was a rough one to take on.

At the beginning of my seventh-grade year, I became sick multiple times. I was put on HHT (Home Hospital Teaching), as I wasn’t able to stay healthy long enough to attend school. I was on HHT for almost three years before making the decision to attempt high school during my freshman year.

The initial transition definitely could have been handled better. Though I have learned to adjust fairly well, I was so used to being in the comfort of my home and working around my schedule, I forgot what it was like to be in a classroom again.

In the beginning, my teachers barely knew anything about my medical situation, which made it challenging from the start. One of my accommodations made my first few weeks of school frustrating due to comments from teachers outside of my classes about why I was out of class early. I would get extremely anxious when being confronted due to the fear of getting in trouble for something that I was given permission to do.

I was struggling socially, so communication with peers and authority figures was not one of the easiest things for me.

I didn’t want to try and make new friends, as I didn’t want to bother people. I made one, and then I grew a bit distant. I ate lunch alone for a few days, occasionally another friend joined me. Then one day, I was sort of just adopted by this group of people, with almost all of them being older than me.

They made me feel the most comfortable. I couldn’t ask for better people to meet. Things became easier after that. That comfort gave me the confidence boost I needed to find my path at high school. I didn’t feel as alone as I had when I first started out.

High school isn’t as bad as it seems in middle school. As with most things, the anxiety beforehand is usually the worst part. A lot of days there isn’t too much homework and it’s pretty laid back.

Homecoming is also something I hope everyone can experience at least once, even if you just go with some friends. I think having friends that are upperclassmen is pretty fun, too. Their experiences can help you out sometimes, and they’re always interesting to hang out with.

Overall, the transition into high school was pretty challenging for me, but I eventually found where I belong. Though the start may be difficult, it definitely opens up opportunities for new experiences, and it’s a time to take chances. You’ll figure out what your future has in store for you, but for now, have some fun during these years.

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