Written by Terry Pryor

At the age of four, little Doreen just KNEW, KNEW, KNEW,

that SOME THING under her bed at night GREW, GREW, GREW.

The minute her mommy turned out the light and closed her bedroom door,

SOME THING under the bed made slithery sounds across the floor.

Little Doreen, a brave little girl, under normal circumstances,

would pull the covers over her head, not taking any chances;

for if IT came out and tugged at her foot or grabbed her little hand,

she was sure she would scream and scare SOME THING who wouldn’t


Little Doreen grew each year and many new things unfurled,

but under the bed SOME THING stayed the same in its under the bed world.

One night as Doreen lay sleeping, upon the verge of a dream,

SOME THING came slithering, creeping and crawling

and hatched its ancient scheme.

But Doreen, you see, had finally grown to understand about FEAR,

not something children are born with but always in some fateful year,

FEAR comes calling and changes lives forever;

some adults can tell you this, but only if they’re clever!

So, on a particular shadowy night, as Doreen lay in her bed,

SOME THING did what SOME THING does and tried to place FEAR in her head.

Oh, FEAR, you trickster of the mind, you thief of hope and dreams,

Doreen has learned some tricks of her own for foiling your boogeyman schemes.

False Experiences Appearing Real, that’s all that FEAR really is;

just stories some folks tell themselves getting all worked up in a “tiz.”

But our brave little girl chose to tell a tale, one where courage appeared,

and right then and there SOME THING under the bed shriveled up and disappeared.

The Beginning

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