It’s time to be thinking about your entries for the 62st annual Thurmont & Emmitsburg Community Show, being held September 7-9, 2018. Exhibits may be entered on Thursday night, September 6, from 6:00-9:00 p.m., and/or Friday morning, September 7, from 8:30-11:30 a.m. Exhibits must be removed on Sunday, September 9, between 3:00-6:00 p.m.

There will be changes made to some of the department classes. Most notably, changes will be made to two adult departments:  Dept. 12 – Arts, Paintings & Drawings; Dept. 13 – Crafts as follows:  (1) All painting and drawing entries must be framed, must be ready to hang for display, and must be the exhibitor’s original work (no prints or copies); (2) No nude or distasteful entries will be accepted.

By early August, the Community Show premium books will be available at local businesses, and the Community Show website ( will have the entry exhibits listing and the schedule of activities.

So that exhibitors can begin preparing their entries, the following are the class listings for Dept. 12 – Arts, Paintings & Drawings and Dept. 13 – Crafts:


Dept. 12 – Arts, Paintings & Drawings

Arts: Calligraphy • Sculpture • Wood Burning • Other, not listed.

Painting: Acrylics • Mixed Media • Oil • Paint Night Painting • Decorative Painting, China • Decorative Painting, Fabric • Decorative Painting, Wood • Decorative Painting, misc. • Tole Painting • Watercolor • Other, not listed.

Drawing: Charcoal • Colored Ink or Pencil • Computer Created Technical Drawing/Graphics • Pastel • Pen and Ink • Pencil • Other, not listed.


Dept. 13 – Crafts

Basketry • Ceramics • Collage • Dried Materials (framed or in a container) • Decorations, Door (a. Wreaths; b. Misc.) • Decorations, Holiday (a. Christmas; b.  Easter; c. Fall; d. Halloween; e. Thanksgiving; f. Misc.) • Fiber & Textiles • Furniture (a. Handcrafted, Small – 2 ft. or less in height; b. Handcrafted, Large – more than 2 ft. in height; c. Restored, Small – 2 ft. or less in height; d. Restored, Large – more than 2 ft. in height) • Jewelry • Leather Craft • Metal Craft • Model • Recycled Materials • Stained Glass • Scrapbooking • Stenciling • Wood Craft (other than furniture) • Other, not listed.

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