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On August 1, Mayor Don Briggs presented a proclamation to Sister Anne M. Higgins, honoring her as the Town of Emmitsburg Poet Laureate at the town Board of Commissioners’ meeting.

Briggs stated that Higgins was selected by himself (as mayor) and commissioners to the position, which will run from August 2022 to August 2024.

He further stated that the sister has published nine books of poetry, and that more than 100 of her poems have been published in journals and magazines, including The Writer’s Almanac.

Books that she had published included At the Year’s Elbow (Mellen Poetry Press, 2000), Scattered Showers in a Clear Sky (Plain View Press, 2007), Pick It Up and Read (Finishing Line Press, 2008), How the Hand Behaves (Finishing Line Press, 2009), Digging for God (Wipf & Stock/Resource Publications, 2010), Vexed Questions (Aldrich Press, 2013), Reconnaissance (Texture Press, 2014), Life List (Finishing Line Press, 2016), and Not Only/But Also (Duck Lake Press, 2019). 

Additionally, she has given readings at the Curious Iguana Bookstore in Frederick, the Joaquin Miller Cabin, and the Café Muse in Washington, D.C., among other venues on the East Coast.

Briggs stated that Higgins has been “passionate about inspiring the Town of Emmitsburg and public to engage in poetry.”

Upon being presented the proclamation by the mayor, Higgins read one of her poems, Cherry Tomatoes, to the mayor and board (and public). 

Higgins, originally from West Chester, Pennsylvania, is a member of the Daughters of Charity for some 44 years and a graduate of Emmitsburg’s Saint Joseph’s College, the Johns Hopkins University, and the Washington Theological Union.

Additionally, she continues to teach English at Mount Saint Mary’s University (MSMU), which she has been doing for more than 40 years. Before being hired by MSMU in 1999, she taught English at the Weekend College, Notre Dame University of Maryland, from January 1997 until December 1998; and at Howard Community College, from September 1998 until June 1999.

Her hobbies are gardening and bird watching.

Briggs stated that one of the reasons the town elected to acknowledge such contributions as represented by those of Sr. Anne M. Higgins is because “the Town of Emmitsburg wishes to encourage reflection upon the richness and diversity of the people, locations, and traditions (of the town).” Mayor Briggs noted that on August 5, 2019, the town Board of Commissioners established a two-year, honorary position of Poet Laureate of Emmitsburg in the spirit of “encouraging the reading, writing, sharing, and celebration of poetry.”

Emmitsburg Mayor Don Briggs presents a proclamation to Sister Anne M. Higgins, honoring her as the Town of Emmitsburg Poet Laureate during an August town meeting.

Photo Courtesy of Town of Emmitsburg

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