Various games were held during the 2021 Emmitsburg Heritage Day event that was held in the E. Eugene Myers Memorial Park in Emmitsburg on June 26. A great day was had by all! The winners are listed below.

Greased Pig Chase: Ages 1-6—winner was Ryan Krom; Ages 7-11—winner was Alexandra Singh; Ages 12-16—winner was Justin Lejeune; Ages 17 & up—winner was Mark Creager.

Sack Race Singles: Ages 1-4—Ava Cichocki (1st) and Kynslee Miller (2nd); Ages 5-8—Jerome Turner and Sophia Myers (two heats 1st) and Morgan Fogle and Jackson Ciehocki (two heats 2nd); Ages 9-12—Bernadette Hahn and Bradon Zentz (two heats 1st) and Sarah Legare and Madelyn Fogle (two heats 2nd); Ages 13-16—Mary Legare (1st); Ages 17 & up—Jack McCarthy (1st) and Brendan Allison (2nd).

Sack Race Doubles: Ages 9-12—Austin and Addison Welch (1st) and Kennedy and Gage Creager (2nd); Ages 13-16—Sarah Legare and Naomi Hahn (1st) and Lucy Hahn and Sphia Legare (2nd); Ages 17 & up—Becca and Marc Cichocki (1st) and David and Timmy McCarthy (2nd).

Egg Toss: Bridget and Dan McCarthy (1st); Danielle Wilson and Bobby Knox (2nd).

Water Balloon Toss: Abigail and Quin McCarthy (1st).

Pie Eating Contest: Ages up to 4—Leah Krom (1st); Ages 5-8—Cora Krom (1st) and Luke Ray (2nd); Ages 9-12—Alexandra Singh (1st) and Sophia Legare (2nd); Ages 13-16—Mary Legare (1st) and Naomi Hahn (2nd); Ages 17 & up—Jack McCarthy (1st) and Mark Creager (2nd).

Watermelon Eating Contest: Ages up to 4—Leah Krom (1st) and Everly Wivell (2nd); Ages 5-8—Ryan Krom (1st) and Gage Creager (2nd); Ages 9-12—Alexandra Singh (1st) and Kennedy Creager (2nd); Ages 13-16—Jeremy Talcott (1st) and Timmy McCarthy (2nd); Ages 17 & up—Jack McCarthy (1st) and Nick Wivell (2nd).

Horseshoe Tournament: Ted Rill, Sr. and Brendon Allison (1st), Ted Rill, Jr. and Dan Warren (2nd), and Harold Stafford and Eileen Scovitch (3rd).

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