The Emmitsburg Community Heritage Day was held June 25, with activities flowing without a glitch. Various community groups, vendors, and volunteers welcomed attendees with a smile. Fun was had by all as they participated in activities throughout the entire day. Activities culminated with the beautiful display of the annual fireworks at dusk. Check out the sponsor advertisement on page 54 and patronize the many sponsors who participated to make the day great!

The winners from the 2022 Heritage Day games include: 

Greased Pig Chase: Ages 1-6—Robby Dewees; Ages 7-11—Gage Creager; Ages 12-16—Austin Welch; and Ages 17 & Up—Mark Creager. 

Sack Race Singles: (5-8 years) 1st—Jerome Turner, 2nd—Emmaus Vera; (9-12 years )1st—Savanah Phebus, 2nd—Sydney Bowser and Bernadette Hahn; (13-16 years) 1st—Madison Rall, 2nd—Adam Knox; (17 & up) 1st—Josh Maze, 2nd—Jack McCarthy. 

Sack Race Doubles: (5-8 years) 1st—Ryan Krom and Chase Cool, 2nd—Ella and Emmaus Vera; (9-12 years) 1st—Bridget Ball and Sydney Bowser, 2nd—Sophia Legare and Bernadette Hahn; (13-16 years) 1st—Payton and Madilyn Myers, 2nd—Naomi Hahn and Sarah Legare; (17 & up) 1st—Matthew and Adam Knox, 2nd—Peter Ferguson and Chris Coli. 

Egg Toss: 1st—Josh Maze and Mason Joy, 2nd—Peter Ferguson and Carolyn Ferguson. 

Water Balloon Toss: 1st—Josh Maze and Mason Joy.

Watermelon Eating Contest: (5-8 years) 1st—Ryan Krom, 2nd—Mary Krom; (9-12 years) 1st—Savanah Phebus, 2nd—Cora Krom, Sophia Legara, Sophia Elizabeth Myers; (13-16 years) 1st—Adam Knox, 2nd—Tim McCarthy; (17 & up) 1st—Jack McCarthy, 2nd—Peter Ferguson. 

Pie Eating Contest: (5-8 years) 1st—Ryan Krom, 2nd—Morgan Fogle and Grayson Creager; (9-12 years) 1st—Kennedy Creager, 2nd—Gage Creager and Cora Krom; (13-16 years) 1st—Adam Knox, 2nd—Tim McCarthy; (Ages 17 & up) 1st—Jack McCarthy, 2nd—Peter Ferguson.

Heritage Day Chalk Art Contest Winners (this year’s theme was Flowers): (Pre-K–2nd grade) 1st—Simbi #8, 2nd—Ryan Krom #11, 3rd place tie—Mary Krom #16 and Amir Manouri #13; (Grades 3-5) 1st—Sophia Myers #26, 2nd place tie—Ambrose Turner #42 & Louis Turner #44, 3rd—Cora Krom #29; (Grades 6-8) 1st—Blake Smith #53, 2nd place tie—Madelynn Myers #55 and Berna #57, 3rd place tie—Simeon Turner #59 and Ava Myers #60; Division: (High School) 1st—Lauren Myers #78, 2nd—Jen Myers  #77, 3rd—Sarah Krom #75.

Horseshoe Contest: 1st place winning team—Buck Wivell and Brendon Allison, 2nd place winning team—Mr. Trish and Robert Dewees, 3rd place winning team—Rich Brown and Dan Warren.

Jack McCarthy flying over the finish line for second to Josh Maze in the Sack Race during Emmitsburg’s Community Heritage Day games on June 25, 2022.

The winners of the horseshoe contest are shown.

Seton Center volunteers inform patrons of the organization’s many services.

Mrs. Sheilds drops the egg.

Volunteers man the beer garden.

Mark Creager and John Freniere chase the pig. Note: no pigs were hurt in this game.

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