On Sunday, May 6, 2018, at 3:00 p.m., Elias Lutheran Church in Emmitsburg will present its third annual program to bring awareness to the epidemic of hungry and homeless children in the Emmitsburg area. The concert, under the direction of Cheryl Carney, will feature several soloists from the Elias Church family, the handbell and vocal choirs from Elias Lutheran Church, as well as other local artists.

In addition to the music, information will be presented about the plight of local children who are in need and the ways that we can all help. To borrow from the mission statement of the Boston-based group, Music for Food, “We believe both music and food are essential to human life and growth. Music has the power to call forth the best in us, inspiring awareness and action when artists and audiences work together to transform the ineffable into tangible and needed food resources.”

Elias Lutheran Church hopes its concert will help raise resources and awareness in the fight against hunger in our area. Monetary donations will gladly be accepted and all proceeds will benefit local children in need. The church is located at 100 W. North Avenue in Emmitsburg.

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