James Rada, Jr.

It was touch and go some nights as to whether visitors would get rained on or not during this year’s Guardian Hose Company Carnival; but, by and large, anyone who wanted to enjoy fun rides and great carnival food could find a dry night to do it.

Of course, visitors still needed to tread carefully on the grassy areas, some of which had been turned into mud because of traffic and rain. The worst areas had been covered with mats and straw.

This year’s carnival ran from Monday, July 6 through Saturday, July 11 at the Thurmont Carnival Grounds. The crowds were steady and strong as people ventured out to ride the Ferris wheel, enjoyed a crab cake sandwich, or played bingo. On Thursday evening, they got an extra treat watching the annual Fireman’s Parade make their way through town (see pictures below).

Hannah Kaas, age fourteen, and Chelle Mills, age fifteen, both of Thurmont, came out to hang out with their friends and ride the rides.

“This carnival has a lot more rides and a lot more age-appropriate things,” said Kaas.

Penn Wood Amusements of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, provided the midway games and rides. An added bonus, families didn’t have to plan their week around heading to the carnival on the one night that “pay one price” wristbands were offered. The wristbands were offered every night, offering a great savings for people who enjoy riding the carnival rides.

Mike and Nikki Brown of Sabillasville came to the carnival with their daughter and her friend.

“I’ve been coming since I was a kid,” Mike said.

Hope Brown, age nine, and Skylar Smith, age ten, were anxious to ride all the fun rides while the Browns looked on.

“It’s a good family thing to do,” Nikki said.

“I’m just enjoying it now, because there will come a day when she (Hope) won’t want to walk around with us,” Mike said.

The live entertainment each night included Josh and Good Old Stuff, 5.5 Men, Lost Highway, Hard Swimmin’ Fish, The Cruisers, and Knight Brothers.

The annual carnival of the Guardian Hose Company is their largest fundraiser of the year.


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