In addition to providing exceptional healthcare to the area’s cat and dog population, the owners of Catoctin Veterinary Clinic are committed to being good neighbors to the surrounding Thurmont community. With the recent energizing of their 35.6-kW roof-mounted solar system, the clinic took a big step in furthering that commitment.

The 89 solar panels (pictured above) will produce enough clean energy to offset 35 tons of CO2 or save 815 trees each year. “We are concerned about the environment and the carbon footprint we make with our business,” stated Dr. Jonathan Bramson, co-owner of the clinic. “It’s about caring for the pets, our pet parents, our community, and the environment. Going solar grows out of that.”

With a high reliance on electricity to keep the clinic functioning, Dr. Bramson is also looking forward to having lower energy costs. “We use a lot of electricity, with four heat pumps and our equipment,” stated Dr. Bramson. “We look forward to having lower energy costs while using renewable energy.”

When asked what he would say to other business owners that are considering investing in solar energy, Dr. Bramson said, “Consider it, look at the economics, and go for it!”

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