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From hometown day job to high-flying national wrestler, Bill Bain of Thurmont has made a name for himself in the wrestling scene.

Bain has performed in various local shows, but he just recently made his biggest splash in the wrestling scene to-date, taking his talents to Monday Night Raw. Bain’s appearance on Raw put him in the spotlight of one of the hottest topics the show has ever seen.

The week before, former Olympian and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle had returned to set himself up to the championship match by defeating the acting WWE General Manager, Baron Corbin. Angle had survived the 10-man battle royale to face against Corbin, overthrowing the GM to be the last man standing in a golden conquistador outfit.

Bain took over the following week, sporting the very same golden conquistador outfit, staring down a two vs. one against some stiff competition.

“Kurt Angle tricked them by putting me under the mask, and I ended up having the match against the Authors of Pain,” Bain said.

After Bain’s identity was revealed, Kurt Angle himself appeared, Angle slamming Corbin once more.

“It was about two minutes long, but still in front of about fifteen thousand people, and it’s gotten eight million views online and five million people watching,” Bain said. “It’s my biggest exposure in wrestling so far.”

Bain’s recent success stems from many hours spent performing in wrestling gigs all around the east coast.

“I got involved in wrestling sixteen years ago because I was a fan growing up,” Bain said. “I did smaller, independent shows all over the east coast, and then in 2009 is when WWE contacted me for some opportunities to work with them.”

October’s performance was not Bain’s first stint with the WWE. The Thurmont-based wrestler faced off against Vladimir Kozlov in 2009, starting just the beginning of his rise to fame in the wrestling community.

Although Bain has performed with the WWE before, each time is special in its own way.

“There’s definitely a big difference walking out in front of ten or twelve thousand people,” Bain said. “My friends and family have showed the video to plenty of people.”

Bain’s Monday Night Raw appearance was short and sweet, but hopefully not the last we’ll see of the new conquistador.

The identity of “El Conquistador” was revealed on Monday Night Raw to be Thurmont’s Bill Bain.

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