What Is Nutritional Response Testing?

by Dr. Thomas K. Lo, Advanced Chiropractic & Nutritional Healing Center

Let me start by telling you when and how my journey into Nutritional Response Testing® started.

It all began on December 16, 2006. The holiday season was in full swing, and my office was very hectic. I had no time for lunch and grabbed a bite to eat from whatever the patients had brought in to share, which happened to be mainly cookies and chocolates.

That afternoon, around 4:00 p.m., I broke out in a cold sweat, felt shaky, and experienced vertigo right in the middle of treating a patient. I ran to the bathroom, threw up, and then returned to finish treating the patient. Finally, after about an hour, I did not have the strength to treat any more patients. I just could not work anymore. I had my staff cancel all the remaining patients. My blood pressure was 190/165, my pulse was 90, and my temperature was normal.

I had my chiropractic assistant take me to my family doctor, who tried to stop my vertigo and vomiting with pills and shots, with no success. The medical doctor finally gave me a shot to knock me out, and my assistant drove me home.

Only a week before this event, I had bragged about never missing a day of work because of illness or injuries. Now, I had to miss two days in a row. For the next two months, I went through a journey, with which some of you can identify. First, I saw a neurologist who could not find anything wrong with me. My blood pressure was back to normal with no medication, and my brain MRI was normal. A scheduled visit to the GI doctor did reveal twelve polyps, but none of them were cancerous.

In the meantime, between medical doctor visits, I was seeing three different chiropractic colleagues. They gave me a variety of treatments, including activator adjustment, manual manipulation, cold laser, and nutrition and diet modification. However, with all of the medical testing I had, they could not find the cause of my vertigo.

I had a Nutritional Response Testing® session, and it revealed I had a virus in my ear, malfunctioning kidneys, parasites, adrenal fatigue, and multiple food allergies. All of these issues came from eating too much sugar and my stressed-out body just could not handle it. That resulted in my immune system breaking down. I continued with my acupuncture appointments and herbal remedies, but unfortunately, they did not help at all. However, the cold laser did help to eliminate my vertigo, and the diet change and nutritional support was an effective approach for handling the root cause of the problem.

So, what is Nutritional Response Testing® you may be wondering? It is a noninvasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying causes of ill health. When these issues are corrected through safe, natural, and nutritional means, the body can repair itself in order to attain and maintain more optimum health.

Nutritional Response Testing® analysis tests your body’s neurological reflexes on the surface of the body. These reflexes are the body’s way of telling us what and how well your nervous system is working. It is the nervous system’s responsibility to regulate the body’s functions for every organ. The testing includes organs, glands, joints, muscles, etc.

In my practice, adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism are the most common conditions we handle, followed by digestive issues, allergies, and food sensitivities. We are also helping post-COVID long-haulers, those with autonomic nervous system dysfunction and patients with chronic ailments with their recovery.

Unfortunately, we live in a polluted environment with chemicals and heavy metal toxicity; we breathe in bad air, eat highly processed food, take drugs with bad side effects, and have a lot of stress from listening to bad news and engaging in negative social media. 

Besides sleeping well, getting adequate exercise and practicing mindfulness, nutrition is an important part for attaining better health.

You may need our help if you have one or more health conditions that won’t go away and have visited many doctors—even alternative practitioners—yet the results weren’t what you had hoped for. In addition, if your health conditions are significantly affecting your life, you might be realizing that these conditions will probably not get better unless the real source of the problem is identified and corrected.

We let our patients know that they are in charge of their own heath. These three questions are important to ask yourself: How good do you want to get? How fast do you want to get there? How long do you want to stay there?

The body has the full potential to repair itself when given the right nutrition. Your chances of recovery have never been higher than with Nutrition Response Testing®.

If you are struggling with health issues, call the Advanced Chiropractic & Nutritional Healing Center at 240-651-1650 for a free consultation. Dr. Lo uses Nutritional Response Testing® to analyze the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health.

The office is located at 7310 Grove Road #107, Frederick, MD. Check out the website at www.doctorlo.com.  

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