Carl and Jeanne Angleberger’s love story began when Carl’s mom suggested he take Jeanne on a date. One day, after leaving the office where Jeanne was a dental assistant (in Thurmont), she rode home with her aunt because her car was in the garage, and she needed a ride home. Carl’s mom, Alma, and Jeanne’s aunt worked together at Moore Business Forms in Thurmont. Jeanne met Carl’s mom that day, riding in the car less than two miles. When Carl came home from work, Alma told Carl that she “met this nice girl today,” and he needed to ask her out. Carl had a girlfriend at the time. But his mom insisted that he ask Jeanne out. And, finally, Carl took her advice! Maybe a month or so later, Carl and Jeanne met at a dance at the Casablanca in Thurmont and started dating. The year was 1964. Carl had finished serving four years in the Navy at the time.

Carl and Jeanne were married on August 20, 1966. In those days, newlyweds started with nothing except their love for each other! Carl and Jeanne rented a small apartment in Emmitsburg. Their rent was $65.00 a month. The newlyweds started out with used appliances and living room furniture. They purchased a bedroom set and a small television.

For a wedding gift, they received a new card table and chairs and used that for their dinner table. They each had a car payment. “We had to make it work! It’s what newlyweds did!” said Jeanne.

Now 56 years of marriage later, you may wonder how Carl and Jeanne manage to have fun and continue to enjoy life to the fullest, side by side.

Carl says Jeanne always supports him. Jeanne says it’s about being a team. Marriage is about give and take. When Carl started his police career in 1967, he needed Jeanne’s support. It was Carl’s dream to become a policeman, and he enjoyed every moment of his police career for 39 years. Today, they are both grateful for this decision made early in their marriage because the career path Carl chose gave him job security and provided healthcare for them both. And for Carl, it was a dream come true. Today, his law enforcement career is providing life benefits in their retiring years. In addition, Carl was an active fireman in the Frederick County Volunteer Fire Service for 40 years. Besides extensive training by Carl, it also required team effort by Jeanne. Carl enjoyed serving Frederick County as a volunteer, not knowing a Length of Service Award was available to him upon his retirement.

Jeanne always put their marriage on the front burner. “Pay attention to your feelings and your love for each other. Stay romantic!” said Jeanne. Friday night is the couple’s date night. They go out to dinner with another couple. “Romance comes naturally when a couple is in love. Holding hands is easy.” They always exchange holiday and anniversary cards and take the time to choose the perfect card. The words must read what they want to say. When opened, Carl reads his and Jeanne reads hers. “It can be emotional and sometimes it is,” said Jeanne.

Healthiness and happiness go together! This is an absolute motto of Carl and Jeanne. Jeanne believes gratitude and appreciation must be part of the marriage walk. Saying thank you may be simple, but it means so much.

Keeping romance in their marriage is special and exchanging “I love you” is repeated each and every day. A loving marriage is easily demonstrated by the actions of a husband and his wife. They easily hug each other no matter where they are. Carl opens the car door for Jeanne. He speaks highly of Jeanne, and Jeanne speaks highly of Carl. Smiling at each other is a sure sign you’re happy; showing kindness to one another and complimenting each other. Jeanne’s cooking and baking is true love to Carl! During the pandemic, the couple posted skits on Facebook, with Jeanne taking Carl’s order from a menu. The fun was reading the comments! Occasionally, friends still comment on those Facebook pandemic postings.

Every day, Carl and Jeanne listen to 60s music—the same songs they heard and loved during their dating days. You may find them dancing either in the kitchen or the garage.

Carl and Jeanne’s son, Chris, gave them a “Kissing Bell” on their anniversary. “To start each day, we ring the bell showing our love for each other,” said Carl. 

Their favorite adventure is cruising on the high seas. They love the shows and the music at the nightclubs. Their most recent cruise was last month in January to celebrate Jeanne’s birthday. Carl and Jeanne usually plan three cruises each year. Their first cruise was taken in 1976, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.

Carl and Jeanne’s lives have rarely been interrupted by disagreements or arguments. Above all else, they both say that how good your life can be will largely come down to how you choose to look at life and marriage. “It really is in the attitude. Everyone has challenges. Look for solutions within every situation. Usually, there is a lesson waiting to be learned. By all means, communicate! Marriage is a man and woman uniting as one. Work things out together.”

Carl and Jeanne truly are a team and always work things out together, looking for the best solution in all of life’s challenges and situations. Jeanne would tell you that some solution findings take longer than others! The key is to stick it out together. And to not forget to have fun together along the way. Carl has always been a big advocate of this! Jeanne is so glad!

Fifty-six years of marriage and looking forward to many, many more, Carl and Jeanne’s picture could be placed in the dictionary, right next to the definition of “love.”

It is obvious they are committed, that they are a team, that they love deeply, and that throughout their marriage, they have worked together to keep it healthy and strong.

Carl and Jeanne’s sentiment: “Stay positive. Enjoy the present moment. Live, laugh, and love!”

Carl and Jeanne Angleberger’s wedding day, August 20, 1966.

Photos Courtesy of Carl & Jeanne Angleberger

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