George Tuggle, Emmitsburg Council of Churches Secretary

When a town comes together for a celebration, it has to be something important. Most often, we celebrate a national or religious holiday. On October 4, 2020, Emmitsburg came together to celebrate its unity in loving all persons regardless of race. Sponsored by the Emmitsburg Council of Churches (ECC), the celebration featured guest speakers, Christian music, Bible readings, and fellowship.

The beautiful fall day accentuated the presence of persons coming together expressing their belief in God, who loves all humanity. Not just our family, our tribe, our race, but all families, tribes, and races.

Guest speakers, Pastor Ron Reaves and Rev. Joseph A. Donnella, spoke wise words about the equality that all alike enjoy through our loving Savior Jesus Christ. Such equality exists through the eternal love of our heavenly Father and the help of the Holy Spirit. There is no room for racism in the Kingdom of God.

Before and after the speakers’ messages, musical groups, CCC Praise Team and 4th Sunday, lifted up those gathered with Christian praises.

Attendees included Emmitsburg Mayor Don Briggs; Mount St. Mary’s University President Timothy E. Trainor; Rev. Bill Gohl, Bishop of the Delaware Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; and Rev. Harry Arnone, Associate Pastor, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

The gathering was blessed by members of the ECC who participated and helped organize the Unity Celebration: Pastor Jon Greenstone, Elias Evangelical Lutheran Church; Pastor John Talcott, Christ’s Community Church; Phyllis Kelly, ECC vice president, Tom’s Creek United Methodist Church (UMC); Sr. Anne Marie Lamoureux, National Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton; Bill Wivell, ECC president, Trinity UMC; Pastor Richard Baker, Trinity UMC.

The Unity Celebration emphasized how Christians of all denominations are one in their love of persons regardless of race, and how Emmitsburg is a welcoming community.

Courtesy Photo Submitted by Bill Wivell, Emmitsburg Council of Churches president, and Phyllis Kelly, Emmitsburg Council of Churches vice president

Musical group, 4th Sunday, entertains and lifts up those gathered at the 2020 Emmitsburg “Unity Celebration.”

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