Community Heritage Day was held on June 29, 2019, at the Emmitsburg Community Park. This much-anticipated annual event is enjoyed by the whole community and features many fun activities, shows, crafts, fireworks, and many more, as well as many contests, including sack races, art contest, egg toss, and more. A list of winners for each contest is listed below.

Up to 6 years—Wyatt Droneburg; Ages 7-11—Blake Cool; Ages 12-16—Lexi Cool; 17 and older—Jess Miraballe.

Sack Races (Singles)

Up to 4 years: 1st—Emma Blair, 2nd—Easton Beck; Ages 5-8: 1st—Savanah Phebus, 2nd—Layton Black; Ages 9-12: 1st—Madison Ball, 2nd—Jeremy Talcott; Ages 13-16: 1st—Joseph Larrivee, 2nd—Michael Legare.

Sack Races (Doubles)

Up to 8 years: 1st—Layton Black/Kaleb Wolfe, 2nd—Bridget Ball/Brielle Calhoun; Ages 9-12: 1st—Bella Tramma/Sarah Keifer, 2nd—Madison Ball/Aubrey Calhoun; Ages 13-16: 1st—Tessa McKenzie/Aria Calhoun, 2nd—Michael Legare/Joseph Larrivee; Ages 17 and up: 1st—Nicodemus Powell/Chankiri Franco, 2nd Tie—Barrett Turner/Issac Mills, 2nd Tie—Becca Corbeol/Theresa Buchheit.

Egg Toss

1st—Thomas Legare/Matthias Buchheister.

Pie Eating Contest

Up to 8 years: 1st—Lily Coblentz, 2nd—Cora Krom; Ages 9-12: 1st—Curtis Heath, 2nd—Grady Abruzzese; 13 and older: 1st—Jason Krom, 2nd—Phil Abruzzese.

Watermelon Eating Contest

Kids: 1st—Curtiss Heath, 2nd—Lynzee Davis; Adults: 1st—Gary Suit, 2nd—Jessi Miller.

Parade Winners

Scouts BSA Troop 727; Catoctin Aires; Emmitsburg Lions Club; REM Ranch (Rodney Myers – 6 Horses); Catoctin Baseball; Superstar Twirlers; Miss B’s Family Day Care; Emmitsburg Council of Churches; Rocky Ridge Volunteer Fire Company #13; Race Car; SS Car (#19).

Horseshoes Contest Winners

Dave Miller; Gilbert Luckenbaugh; John Smith; Tom Weller; Bill Klunk; Mike Love Joy; David Wantz, Jr.; David Wantz III; Josh Weikert; Wade Droneburg; Donnie Kaas, Sr.; Robert Dewees; Robert Dewees, Jr.; Rick Wivell.

Art Contest Winners

Prizes are: $150 (1st), $100 (2nd), $50 (3rd), $25 (4th), $10 (5th); a total of $945 in prizes this year.

Division 1 (1st-3rd Grades): 1st—Kendall Crutchfield, 2nd—Presley Green, 3rd—Lucy Mae Whittington, 4th—Evan Zachary Ryder, 5th—Robert Lee Koontz; Division 2 (4th-6th Grades): 1st—Ripleigh Maring, 2nd—Chelsea Reifsnider, 3rd—Aiden Shranatan, 4th—Blake Smith, 4th—Elena Grace Crutchfield, 4th—Sascha Zurawski, 5th—Annabelle James; Division 3 (7th-8th Grades): 1st—Arianna Calhoun, Michael LaGare.

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