The 2018 Thurmont & Emmitsburg Community Show Champions and Reserve Champions are as follows: Fresh Fruits: Champion—Martha Hauver (Peaches), Reserve Champion—Christopher Black (Crimson Apples); Fresh Vegetables: Champion—Kylie Robertson (Red Tomatoes), Reserve Champion—Raymond Long (Bi-Color Ambrosia Corn); Home Products Display: Champion—Roxanna Lambert, Reserve Champion—Charlotte Dutton; Canned Fruit:  Champion—Ann Welty (Cranapple Sauce), Reserve Champion—Jackie Troxell (Blackberries); Canned Vegetables: Champion—Bridgette Kinna (Peach Salsa), Reserve Champion—Roxanna Lambert (Tomato Sauce); Jellies & Preserves:  Champion—Donald Stanley (Blackberry Jam), Reserve Champion—Roxanna Lambert (Peach Preserves); Pickles: Champion—JoAnn Fuss Ricketts (Relish), Reserve Champion—Pamela Long (Catsup); Meat (Canned): Champion—Catherine Miller (Canned Moose), Reserve Champion—Roxanna Eaton (Venison); Home Cured Meats: Champion—Robert McAfee (Country Ham), Reserve Champion—Robert Wiles (Country Ham); Baked Products (Cake): Champion—Dawn Hobbs (German Chocolate Cake), Reserve Champion—Dawn Hobbs (Lemon Sponge Cake), Honorable Mention Cake–Burall Brothers Scholarship—Debbie Wiles (Chocolate Cake); Bread: Champion—Maxine Troxell (Pumpernickel Swirl), Reserve Champion—Maxine Troxell (Raisin Bread); Pie: Champion—Joan Wiles (Raspberry Pie), Reserve Champion—Vicky Sharrer (Cherry Crumb Pie); Sugar Free: Champion—Ann Welty (Pie), Reserve Champion—Joyce Kline (Cake); Gluten-Free Baked Product: Champion—Stacey Smith (White Chip, Cranberry, Macadamia Nut Cookies), Reserve Champion—Marie Free (Rolls); Sewing: Champion—Karen Willard (Applique Quilt), Reserve Champion—Charlotte Dutton (Fiber Wool Lamb); Flowers & Plants: Champion—Roxanna Lambert (Side Table Arrangement), Reserve Champion—Christina Wisner (Pressed Flowers); Arts, Painting & Drawings: Champion—Marcia Johnson (Pencil Drawing), Reserve Champion—Andrew Smith (Pastel Drawing); Crafts: Champion—Carol Hocking (Craft), Reserve Champion—Nancy Rice (Dried Material; Color Photography: Champion—Ben Mathias (Miscellaneous Photo), Reserve Champion—Beth Shriner (Sports Photo); Black & White Photography: Champion—Joyce Kline (People Action Photo), Reserve Champion—Beth Shriner (Black & White Flowers); Corn: Champion—David Shriver (Hybrid Corn), Reserve Champion—Bridgette Kinna (Indian Corn); Small Grain & Seeds: Champion—Matthew Clark (Timothy), Reserve Champion—Preston Clark (Soybeans); Eggs: Champion—Robert Wiles (Brown Eggs), Reserve Champion—Josh Stewart (Blue Eggs); Nuts: Champion—Joan Staub (English Walnuts), Reserve Champion—Edward Hahn (Black Walnuts); Rabbit: Champion—Patti Hubbard (Breeding Rabbit and offspring), Reserve Champion—Laura Dutton (White Rabbit); Poultry: Champion—Kenzie Lewis (Farm Exhibit – 1 Rooster& 1 Hen), Reserve Champion—Kenzie Lewis (Bantams 1 Rooster & 1 Hen); Dairy: Champion—Jonathan Hubbard (Brown Swiss Fall Calf), Reserve Champion—Cadin Valentine (Ayrshire Spring Calf); Dairy Goats: Champion—Olivia Dutton (Doe 3 years and under 5 years), Reserve Champion—Laura Dutton (Dry Yearling); Hay: Champion—Matthew Clark (Alfalfa Hay), Reserve Champion—Robert McAfee (Timothy Hay); Straw: Champion—Daniel Myers (Barley Straw), Reserve Champion—Mary Clark (Wheat Straw); Junior Department Craft: Champion—Preston Clark (Flower Arrangement), Reserve Champion—Aiden Wiiters (Recycled Material Craft); Junior Department Baked Product: Champion—Owen Ott (Sour Cream Pound Cake), Reserve Champion—Avery Harbaugh (Frosted Cake); Youth Department: Champion—Caroline Clark (Dress), Reserve Champion—Zoe Willard (Sewn Item, Misc.); Youth Department Baked Product: Champion—Zoe Willard (Rolled Cookies), Reserve Champion—Joanna Genemans (Creamsicle Fudge); Beef: Champion—Austin Ridenour, Reserve Champion—Jameson Ruby; Sheep: Champion—Peyton Davis, Reserve Champion—Caroline Clark; Swine: Champion—Ashley Lescalleet, Reserve Champion—Tyrone Van Echo; Market Goat: Champion—Kelly Glass, Reserve Champion—Skylar Sanders; Pet Show: Champion—Warren Schafer (Prettiest Dog), Reserve Champion—Kenzie Lewis (Cat With Longest Whiskers); Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull: Champion—Ryan Martin, Reserve Champion—Preston Clark, Honorable Mention—Eli Yocum.


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