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For independent professional wrestler, Bill Bain, wrestling is not just an occupation or a hobby—it is a way of life.

Born in Montgomery County, Maryland, Bain moved to the city of Frederick, Maryland, when he was thirteen years old. It was around this time that he began to realize his passion for wrestling, having grown up watching the weekend morning matches on TV with his grandfather and uncle.

Bain, a Thurmont resident for the past eight years, began wrestling in 2002, under the direction of fellow Frederick native and professional wrestler, Scott Fowler. During his training, Bain would assist at professional wrestling events, where he would pick up tips from the contenders.

“A lot of my training was ‘on the job’ type training, where I would go to shows and help set up and learn from the guys around me,” said Bain.

After about seven years of learning the ropes through training and smaller-scale wrestling events, Bain was given his big chance on July 28, 2009, when he made his first appearance with World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., for a professional match against veteran WWE “villain,” Vladimir Kozlov.

Since his debut, Bain has appeared at numerous professional events, ranging from WWE RAW; ESPN SportsCenter, with Shaquille O’Neal; and WWE Pay-Per-View Capitol Punishment 2011. He has shared the ring with some of the most renowned names in wrestling, from The Patriot to “Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant. Bain’s personal favorite—and perhaps his most memorable—moment came when he supported legendary wrestler The Undertaker as his “druid” accomplice, during The Undertaker’s feud with rival wrestler CM Punk.

While Bain has faced some impressive adversaries in the ring, he has also faced some rather tough opponents alongside his wrestling career. In 2010, Bain was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease, a relatively uncommon disorder that attacks the inner ear, causing severe vertigo and impaired hearing. While the disease is incurable, the symptoms can be lessened by physical therapy and a low-sodium diet.

“Having Ménière’s disease is a battle that I fight every day. I am unable to eat a lot of foods I enjoy, and have to limit my going out to eat at restaurants, but you have to learn to make do with these things,” explained Bain. “There are many situations that are much more dire than this; I’m thankful that I am able to manage it and continue to live a fairly normal life.”

In addition to Ménière’s disease, Bain was also diagnosed with skin cancer in 2015. While the cancer was not dangerously advanced, Bain had to have atypical cells removed from eight spots on his body.

“Any time you are dealing with these types of issues, you want to remain positive and try to focus on the recovery,” said Bain. “But after having to go through multiple procedures, it has made me realize that it is important to take care of your body, as you only have one.”

Despite these adverse health conditions, Bain has refused to give up on his passion for wrestling. He will be appearing in several wrestling events in West Virginia and Maryland, between September and October 2016.

Regardless of where Bain’s next matches take him, he will be fighting hard, both inside and out of the ring. “No matter what you are going through currently, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to keep fighting through.”

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                                         Bill Bain has faced numerous opponents throughout his wrestling career, including a rare disorder known as Ménière’s disease and skin cancer.
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The Catoctin High School (CHS) Sports Boosters is pleased to announce that in addition to the State Champion Team banners that hang in the gymnasium, they have now added banners that display the names of the Individual State winners in Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track and Field, and Wrestling.

January 2016 will be their month-long “Celebration of Champions.” If you were an individual winner of a state championship (or member of a state champion relay event), please join us at a home event in January and be recognized for your accomplishment(s). Please inform the person(s) at the door that you are present and what sport and year you are representing.

For more information, please contact Athletic Director Kevin McMullen at 240-236-8090 or Denise Valentine at 301-788-2952. The CHS athletic schedule can be found at